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Lisa and Isis
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After graduating from MIT I moved to another state where I could get a decent paying job.

My home life revolves around my lovely kitties and boyfriend, tending my garden and caring for the wildlife in the garden, and home renovations. I've been doing a fair amount of redecorating and replacing things that have worn out.

As I expand my spiritual horizons, I've discovered my gifts as a healer and empath. I currently run a forum for empaths on MSN called Skilled Empaths.

As a healer, I'm a Reiki Master (Usui, Usui/Tibetan, Sekhem-Seichim Reiki (SSR)), Healing Touch student, and an intuitive healer. I love working with crystals. My healing business site is Amethyst Rose Healing Arts and I regularly teach healing and crystal classes as well as work on clients.


By day, I am a manager of a network engineering group for a large Internet provider. My technical background includes network engineering, software engineering, systems adminstration, project management, and fiscal management.

My other job is my healing business Amethyst Rose Healing Arts which is my weekend and evening job. It also requires me to exercise my graphics design and marketing skills!

I really enjoy what I do at both jobs and have found that my healing background has a significant positive impact on my day job. I have a new perspective and able to see challenges and life lessons for what they are, rather than to complain about them and fight it. It is also good to realize that sometimes those life lessons are meant for others as well and we need to allow them to learn. That change in perspective has made all the difference and reduces stress.

Spare Time

This is a misnomer. There is no such thing as spare time :-). Anyway, these are some interests that I have and try to do whenever I get the opportunity.

* I'm an energy healer (Amethyst Rose Healing Arts) and teach empathy skills. I also run an empaths forum, Skilled Empaths.

* I play the French horn in the City of Fairfax Band. I am leaving my Board of Directors position in Publicity so I have more weekend time for my business, and thank the Band for providing me the opportunity to grow my marketing and graphics design skills, which have helped me enormously with other endeavors.

* Enjoy listening to classical music, new age, and soft rock. I guess my tastes are a bit eclectic, although I am not a fan of country music.

* Gardening and lots of it! I have lots of plants inside and outside the house. One of these days, I may actually try to get a Master Gardener certification... In the meantime, I want to improve my back garden so it can be certified as a wildlife sanctuary.

* Playing with and caring for my darling furry children: Isis and Jasper. Unfortunately, Amanda crossed the rainbow bridge on 8 May 2007. Those who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Sandy (19 May 2001), Trepak (May 2004), and Amanda (8 May 2007) have their memorial page. Isis has her own site. Jasper will get his own site if he wants one.

* Arts and crafts: for craft shows (non-juried), I make jewelry (from sculpy beads or glass), wreaths, knitted/crocheted dish cloths/hot plates/coasters, and be part of the cutting/sewing/finishing assembly line for making coasters, placemats and napkins. I have a cool embroidery sewing machine that I really want to find time to play with. Crafting also finds its way into making unique items that are auctioned to benefit charities, such as borgifying beanie babies, creating a Klingon Barbie, etc.

* Reading: anything from sci-fi, fantasy, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, energy healing, gardening, home improvement, etc.

* Science fiction stuff: I'm one of the founding members of the USS Athena. It is a friendly group that likes to get together and eat and watch movies about once a month. In addition, one of our members runs the local Star Trek and Science Fiction meetups.

* Helping chronically and terminally ill children through the Julien Fleming Memorial Fund. I am the Treasurer for this 501(c)(3) public charity that raises money to provide one-time grants for families with critially or terminally ill children.


One day, someone referred to my best friend Karen as my sister, and later on, people started calling her my twin. Then we were known as the "Wonder Twins" :-). Much to the dismay of my biological sister, I do have another one, which shows that love can grow as the family grows.

Although I have several relatives, not many have websites.

Other web pages of family members (blood relatives, in-laws, out-laws, what-have-you) will be added as they become available.


While I have other friends, I do not have website information for them.

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