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I am mischief, therefore I am

I just love getting into things!

The next best thing to letting the cat out of the bag!

Auntie Karen's brace doesn't quite fit...

Some people's trash is another cat's toy!
Barriers are challenges that must be overcome.
They tried to stop me from going upstairs where the bedrooms are so they put up a babygate with bird netting behind it. It discouraged Trepak, but I learned to jump over both the gate and the netting when I was less than four months old. A sophisticated gate was built that leaned forward over the stairs, hid all the screwdrivers, and made sure all the screws were on the other side (just in case I found a screwdriver). I didn't make it through that gate, but Jasper can jump right over. So, another layer was added later on that made it more difficult for him to jump over.

Now we pretty much have the run of the house (with the exception of some bedrooms that are closed off), but sometimes Mommy will use that gate when something is happening upstairs that is unsafe for us (so she says).

I learned that the supersoaker gets me really wet. I don't really mind water when it's warm, but I've learned to avoid the streaming cold water from a supersoaker!

I've been known to do quality control on Mom's sewing.

I helped out with cutting the batting for the craft show!

And I managed to get Trepak to help out too!

And Trepak gets into everything too!

I've been known to sew some stuff on my own, too!

Mommy has brought me to work a few times, which was really fun. I got to meet her boss. I have no idea why he is named after Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom's cat Cotton. But, he was really nice and let me climb him during meetings.

One time, while Mommy was giving a performance review, I decided that I had to do something before she reviewed me! So, I figured out how to reboot her Sun computer! I was so proud of myself!

I don't know why, but Mommy doesn't bring me to work anymore.

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